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 Farm up to 7.5k White Mats per hour

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PostSubject: Farm up to 7.5k White Mats per hour   Mon Mar 06, 2017 5:15 am

Hello everyone.

Today imma teach you how to farm like the pros!

First of all you need to hop in Campaign mode and play through (almost) the whole campaign (I'm saying this cuz I know you didn't even touch campaign mode).

Next when you get to Act V quest 3: The Harbinger, go hire your templar and skip through his useless "Kormac's Unease" and "The Grand Maester" conversation to unlock the "The Themplar's Quest" conversation.

You'll be ported to another map with tons of Armor Stands and Weapon Racks, click them all and once you get to the main room (Where the grand Maester is) finish collecting all whites from the Stands and Racks and leave the game and do everything again (DON'T TALK TO THE MAESTER ELSE YOU'LL WON'T BE ABLE TO DO THE QUEST AGAIN)

I've made the calculations: Inferior/Worn/broken whites costs 3  white mats, normal whites costs 6 white mats, superir whites costs 9 white mats. If you do the whole thing in 1 minutea and 30 seconds (my slowest time) and drop only Inferior/Worn/Broken whites, you'll get 2.5k white mats per hour (Around 800 white, blue and yellow mats if you change them through Kanai).

If you do the whole thing in 1 minute (my best time) and drop only superior whites, you'll get 7.5k white mats per hour (around 2.5k white, blue and yellow mats if you change them through Kanai)

That's it! Enjoy the farm!

PS: Difficulty doesn't matter for this farm method!

If you don't like reading, here's a video for you:

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Farm up to 7.5k White Mats per hour
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